New Marketing Tactics For 'Old' Industries:

Unlikely Brands To Use Gamification

In this free 45-minute webinar, we will take a look at how marketing tactics have evolved for 'traditional' brands in the luxury goods, banking, insurance, travel, and B2B industries. We will also look at a few examples of companies in 'old' industries and how they have embraced gamification to activate their audiences.

We are joined by Pernille Plambech Franck, Senior Marketing Coordinator at Grundfos, a global pump manufacturer, who will highlight why and how Grundfos has experimented with gamification to engage their installer audiences. 


Here's our agenda for this webinar:

    •  From Traditional to Digital: How companies in 'old' industries have progressed from traditional to digital marketing tactics

      Gamification in B2B Marketing: Grundfos game campaigns 

      Unlikely brands to use gamification tactics


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Hosted by:

Nils Michaelis

Chief Marketing Officer


Nils has been working in digital B2B marketing for 10+ years, previously at Google and Trustpilot.


Featured by:

Pernille Franck

Marketing Coordinator, Channel Marketing


Pernille is a Marketing Coordinator at Grundfos and responsible for coordinating gamification campaigns at Grundfos.

Ejsing Headshot

Presented by:

Mads Ejsing

Product Specialist


Mads Ejsing is the Product Specialist at LeadFamly. Mads is an expert when it comes to developing high-performance gamification campaigns.